Our monthly "Talk about TED" event is an intimate debate based on a 'TED Talk' video where you can express your thoughts, share your opinions and, of course, practise your English in a relaxed environment.

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Friday 10th March 2017

To compliment, but not repeat, the TEDxBarcelona event on  "the case for collaborative consumption", for which we were proud sponsors, our next “Talk about TED” session will focus on another TED Talk by Rachel Botsman:

What's it about?

The talk focuses on how our habits are changing in the “2.0 world” and, some would say, we now trust new 'startup' businesses, like Uber and AirB'n'B, more than well established organisations, such as banks and even the government.  


There's A LOT for us to discuss especially in the context of Barcelona which has banned the likes of Uber and is clamping down (severely restricting) on 'pisos turisticos'.


Location:     Rambla Catalunya / Rosselló

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Past events

Friday 16th December 2016



An intimate group debate on a very abstract but interesting topic.    


Click here to watch December's "Talk about TED" TED video on 'Mindfulness'.

Friday 11th November 2016

10 Ways to have a better conversation


This video was a real hit!


Even if you missed our "Talk about TED" session, It's a great talk and one that everyone should watch if they want to improve their communication skills ..... maybe it should be compulsory for politicians! ;-)


Click here to watch it

Friday 9th September 2016


How I fell in love with a Fish (intermediate+ English) 



A successful first #WatchandTalk event!

New friends, new vocabulary and lot and lots to talk about!