Professional Development Workshops

. Here at BCN english we like to do things differently and it's the same when it comes to professional workshops In small groups, we focus on videos from the most respected and influential speakers on a variety of subjects from 'making an elevator pitch' to 'chairing an international meeting' with and critically evaluate it with the idea of coming away with practical language technique and solutions that are relevant to your professional life. 

Our next workshop will be on "Effective Communication" in February.

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Our Workshops

"Elevator Pitches" and selling

  • What is the key to a good elevator pitch?
  • Does "one size fit all"?
  • What cultural differences do we face when dealing with other nationalities?
  • How do pitches vary from sector to sector?
  • What role does 'story-telling' play in presentations?

Effective Communication 

  • what is the definition of effective communication?
  • Which factors make the difference between good and bad communication?
  • What is the role of technology- the good, the bad the ugly
  • Why are we such terrible listeners? How can we improve?

Emotional Intelligence (in a second language) 

  • What is the difference between 'empathy' and 'sympathy'?
  • What cultural factors should we bear in mind?
  • How can we best-manage delicate situations? 
  • Which language do we use to express ourselves? 


Do you want to have your own workshop in your company? No problem! Drop us a line and we will happily arrange it.